So it was my first visit to London fashion week.. and there was one show that completely amazed me. I’m proud to be Greek because I’m talking about Mary Katrantzou. We went to a beautiful venue, the runway was like a cross so everybody had a great view of it, everybody took their seats..the lights went down..the music started, the first model came out..and Bang.. just like that everybody was shocked.. NO digital prints! Only an amazing pleated embroidered gown. The movement of the dress combined with the song took my breath away.. It was like an ancient goddess or a fairy from a different world or a chic feminine warrior was walking by me.

The models were passing by and it was clear that this time it was not about the prints! It was all about the symbols.. the meaning hidden below the surface. Signs and symbols were embroidered onto the garments, lace, jacquards, brocades, mink, mesh, pleats, sequins and it was getting better by the minute. Brocar suits, pleated skirts with matching double breasted jackets, long dresses, sporty chic embroidery mink sweatshirts, metallic dresses, coats in sleek and lean lines, wonderful shoes and statement handbags. Burgundy, deep blue, gold, deep green, circles, triangles, squares, asymmetry, and slips couldn’t be better combined as next season’s trend. The garments layered to give depth and you could never imagine that so many cultures, professions and religions could combine into one outfit. A butcher’s uniform transformed into an ultra chic metallic dress with metallic cookie-cutter jewels. Embroidered robots looking like totems were dancing on sexy lace on top of romantic pleats..inspiring layering from the amazing new Mary Katrantzou. Natural hair and natural make-up  made the designs stand out. So many beautiful outfits, aerial pleats, sequined and metallic dresses, playful suits, and the pleasant surprise at the end of the show, all the models came out with a Greek song “Να παίζει το τρανζίστορ” by one of our favorites singers Marinela, and everybody was excited.

Next winter will be MK’s and I think we will see a lot of her beautiful gowns on the red carpet. Mary Katrantzou changed, she grew and she gave us another side of her..the more artistic one, the one that has no limits, with her “Symbols” she started an amazing new chapter. Finding inspiration everywhere, and that’s what it is all about..when your heart tells can take a stop sign and reinvented it to your most beautiful collection. Congratulations to everyone who worked to present us with such a beautiful collection. ( available for pre-order at Moda Operandi )

photos from my instagram loved the handbags

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