Hello loves, how are you? The ones that already follow me on Instagram know about my trip to Verona with my Intimissimi familia. I just can’t wait for that time of the year when we go and watch the amazing Intimissimi On Ice show. Once we arrived we went straight to the Fashion Showroom to get a glimpse of the new collection A/W 2016, and let me tell you that this winter is going to be hot. ( you can take a look yourself at the photos below). In the afternoon we spent some time in the city of Romeo and Juliet and then we were all ready for magic to begin.

We arrived at Arena di Verona, there were almost 10.000 people and big names walked on to the red carpet. The lights went down the music started and it took my breath away. Once again I was so emotional I burst into tears, sitting there watching my childhood crush and 4 times Olympic champion, Evgeny Plushenko dancing and Andrea Bocelli performing live. It felt like my soul danced with my dreams, time seemed to stop and I was left in owe, simply enjoying every second with a huge sense of gratitude flowing through my veins. There are no words to describe the feelings when you watch so many talented skaters pouring their heart and soul onto the ice, combined with a live orchestra. The costumes were designed by Milena Canonero and she managed to capture the beauty and sensuality of Intimissimi perfectly.

This year the story was so touching. It was about two people whose paths cross by chance, but can only be brought together when the stars align and fate takes control. Let’s not forget that the real magic of life is found with your true love, so something that looks to be chance is in fact meant to be. Thank you Intimissimi for reminding me of that. For reminding me to have faith, to trust fate, to feel and seek for true love, passion and express it which ever way possible. A big bravo to all the people involved in the Intimissimi On Ice show, it was ONE AMAZING DAY that will remind all of us, the dreamers, to never stop dreaming..and never stop feeling..until next time..arrivederci..xxx Vayia


and some videos I tried to take